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Literacy information for Junior Infant parents

Jolly Phonics Songs

Sounding out words

Sounding out words 2

Excellent phonics and reading website: http://www.starfall.com/ .  

Formation of letters/hear the letter sound/hear the letter name website

Junior Infants Newsletter

Irish Resources:    https://conventprimaryschoolkillaloe.wordpress.com/gaeilge/

Pencil grip        pencil gripTri-pod’ grip /‘Froggy legs’



Easter Egg Hunt

World Book Day



Well done to the girls who wrote their very first book. They all did an amazing job. The stories written were very creative and the handwriting was fantastic.


The Rainforest

We have been learning lots about the Amazon Rainforest. Explorer costumes were made for our adventure.

St Patrick’s Day Dress Up

The girls got to dress up in green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Everyone made a great effort.


Happy Mother’s Day

We think all the mums are terrific!!


Thank you to Aidean Fleming, Hazel’s dad, for coming into our classroom to talk about engineers and what they do. The girls loved the video of the robot and enjoyed looking at contact lenses. Thanks for taking the time to come in Aidean,  for the colouring sheets and pens!



We had a real treat in class today, as one of the girls demonstrated her fantastic ballet skills with her special ballet shoes.

The Post Office

Our Aistear theme last month was the post office. The girls learned about the postal service and today we went to the local Post Office to post a letter.


Feeding the ducks

On our way home from the library we stopped to feed some of the ducks and birds.

Library Visit

We visited the local library and enjoyed reading the story of Elmer the elephant. We even spotted a fairy door…wonder what type of books that fairy likes to read?

Snowy Day

With lots of snowfall on Wednesday, we thought it would be a good idea to feed the birds. We also made a small snowman with the fresh snow. Afterwards, we had some hot chocolate to warm up🍵.


Spring chicks

The girls learnt about the life cycle of chickens.


Planting seeds

After learning what seeds and plants need to grow healthy and strong, the girls enjoyed planting cress seeds, peas and spinach seeds.


Talent Show

The Student Council organised the first ever talent show at our school last Wednesday. It was a fantastic day for everyone involved. Well done to all the girls who took part.


Valentine’s Art

Have you been bitten by our love bugs?



Pancake Tuesday

Definitely our favourite day of the year. Thank you to the mums who came in to cook up a storm. We loved our pancakes.


Spring is in the air.

It might not feel like it yet,  but Spring is here. The girls learnt about what the season brings and created beautiful spring pictures.


iPads- reinforcing learned Jolly Phonics sounds, using iPads.


Scooter training


Walk to School

We’re getting healthy and fit together as a whole school.


Santa Claus came to visit all the excellent girls and brought everyone a lovely present.


Christmas Church Service



Christmas Art and the Panto

Christmas card
Christmas Wreath
Art: Christmas decorations
The Panto 2018
The girls enjoying taking it all in.


Letters to Santa and Carol Singing in SuperValu



The girls are very excited as they are going to the pantomime ‘Cinderella’, this Monday 18th Dec in University Concert Hall.

Image result for cinderella uch limerick

Our Friendship Jig-saw


English and Maths Stations

The girls engage in English and Maths stations each Friday, when lots of collaborative work takes place.



Thank you Ross and Sarah for taking the time to come into the junior infants’ class and explain about how flooding occurs and what hydrologist and engineers do to help prevent flooding.





Christmas Carol Service

The girls did fantastic work preparing for our Christmas carol service in the church.



Everyone had great fun at the school’s Fun Family Bingo night held in St Anne’s school. Much thanks to all who supported the school.

Recount Writing

The girls were learning about recount writing. We based our recount on the story of The Three Little Pigs. The girls used pictures to sequence the story and then retold it to the class in their own words. Excellent work!


Story of 1

We have started our analysis of number 1. The girls are making great progress.


Science Week

We did lots of fun science experiment during science week.





Camogie Practice.

The girls started camogie training this term. Lots of skills are being learned. Our camogie stars of the future 😀





Active School Day Fun Oct 2017





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The girls have been learning lots of different things about Autumn and nature. We will soon be going on our Autumn nature walk.




We have started including meditation into our daily classroom routine. The girls love it and there’s a real calmness in the classroom afterwards.

Exercise Week/Super Trooper/Gonoodle

Hope everyone is enjoying the Super Troopers programme at home! In school we’ve increased the time we spend exercising! For brain breaks throughout the day, the girls are now getting active by dancing to some great guided dancing videos from http://www.gonoodle.com. There are lots of great movement ideas on the website if you’d like to try it at home!

Show and Tell

The girls loved bringing in their favourite toys for ‘Show and Tell’  day.Each girl stood up in front of the class and told us what made their toy so special.

Nenagh Guardian.

The local paper printed a fabulous picture of the girls performing their Christmas concert! Well done girls!

A Special Visitor

We had a very special visitor to our classroom before Christmas. He said all the girls have been amazing throughout the year and we’re all on the good list, phew!

Science Week

We started science week investigating magnets and what they attract! The girls tested many different materials and in the end they listed all the items in the classroom that are and are not magnetic.






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Our second experiment on day one was, ‘What happens to water when it freezes’. We filled three plastic cups full to the brim with water and placed them in the freezer. Tomorrow, the girls will investigate and discuss what has happened to the water.

Tomorrow we will be making magnetic slime…that’s very hungry for magnets!

Tuesday: Success!!!

The magnetic slime was great fun to make and play with. The girls had lots of practice with different  magnets & making the slime ‘dance’.






Halloween Themed Week

Lots of spooky things created this week including spiders and potions!

The girls had a fantastic time helping to carve a pumpkin, clean out it’s slimy insides, play bobbing and swinging apples! The photos below say it all!





















Church Visit

We visited the church to pray for all the people who have died and lit a candle in their memory.


Image result for beauty and the beast 2017 uch

All the girls from Junior Infants to First class will be heading to the Christmas panto, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in the University Concert Hall, Limerick on Tuesday 20th of December. It promises to be a show and a day to remember!

Scratch Coding Project

A link to our very basic coding project, https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/125979263/ which we’re still working on, lots more to do! Scratch is free and available to everyone if you’d like to try some simple coding at home with your daughter!

Maths and Coding Week 

Great fun was had playing lots of maths games this week. A simple game of Snakes and Ladders teaches children so much about numbers. We also began working on a simple whole class coding project. Watch this space, it will be completed soon!







Painting Fun






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Space Week

The girls had a great time learning about the universe and making space hats of our solar system. Lots of budding  astronauts in the classroom! Here’s a link to a song the girls loved during space week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHAqT4hXnMw


As the girls have been learning about Autumn  we made some seasonally appropriate apple & pear pie, using fruit that was picked from local fruit trees. Ben was a great help !






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What fun was had on the first day of school! All the girls were so brave and happy, some even walking down the corridor on their own and finding their own seat! Super stuff!!The girls love being independent, so by next week our aim is to have all girls waving goodbye to mums & dads from the líne and walking down the corridor to the classroom with just their classmates. Fingers crossed!!






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A look back at Junior & Senior Infants 2015/2016

School Tour

An incredible day was had at Free Range Kids in Croom. From start to finish everyone wore  a smile. The girls enjoyed a trail through a forest, a pet farm, cookie making and playground fun! Everyone agreed it was the best day ever ! !






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Nature Hunt

The girls discovered lots of things in our natural environment!






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Write-a-Book Awards Night






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Literacy Lift Off

Six weeks of Literacy Lift Off is now complete.

After all the fantastic work,  it was time for a little treat…ice-cream, yum!

Congratulations to Mya, Síofra and Lauren for reading the most amount of books at home over the six weeks.






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This week the girls had to dig deep to find and name the pesky tricky words!


Weather Report

Fabulous weather is forecasted for this Sunday’s Fun Run.



Last week we planted cress seeds. The girls learned all about what seeds need to grow.

Anyone for some salad?






Literacy Lift Off

The girls have made tremendous progress with their reading in the past number of weeks. Literacy Lift Off has been a great success. The girls are reading lots of different books at different levels and are thoroughly enjoying themselves!






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Our Aistear theme this month is ‘The Weather Station’. Check back in very soon for an update!

Easter Egg Hunt

The day of the holidays was a day for a little Easter Egg Hunt! The girls worked at lightning speed to collect all the eggs!

easter egg hunt

Proclamation Day

Well done to the girls for giving a great performance on Proclamation Day. The girls sang the songs; Sa Spéir, Lámh Lámh Eile, Aon Dó Muc is Bó. The raising of the Irish flag was a very proud day for the school.

flag day1

Post Office Adventure.

After we’d our books ready to post to Clare Education Centre, we went on an adventure to the Post Office! The girls learned what an address is and why a stamp is required.

post office


Congratulations to all the girls who wrote their own book for the Write-a-Book competition. Each and every girl did their very best work! Well done!

write a book juniors

World Book Day. 

The girls designed and made their own costumes! Inspired outfits!






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Pancake Tuesday

Lots of aspiring chefs ! Yum!!






The Red Cross

The Red Cross ambulance came to visit.

Thank you to everyone who generously donated their change for such a good cause. The girls got an opportunity to look inside the ambulance and learn what the different pieces of equipment are used for.

red cross1

Garda Station

As part of our Aistear theme, ‘Garda Station’, Garda Hilda came to visit the girls in school. She told them all about her job and what it entails.

We then went to visit Garda Hilda at the station. The girls got a full tour, seeing the questioning rooms and the cell. None were overly impressed with the comfort of the holding cell!






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